Recommendation from Client:
"Lexmark International contracted J. Gowdy Consulting to provide an in-depth study of the state of sustainability in the consumer electronics space. It was a pleasure to work with Jeff on this project. He was responsive and flexible to changing requests for content and delivered a comprehensive and impactful report on time and within budget. The resulting report was subsequently used to shape decisions regarding target markets, marketing messaging and delivery, and new product development. I definitely recommend Jeff and his team."
- Sonya Waitman
Marketing Channel Manager, National Account Manager, Lexmark International

Case Study

An analysis of the sustainability-minded consumer market in the U.S. and suggested steps for improved environmental marketing in the consumer electronics product market sector

Lexmark International

Project Leader

Services Offered:
Communications and Messaging, Sustainability Marketing

Over the past decade, companies have been introducing a greatly increasing number of products labeled as “environmental,” “sustainable,” or “socially responsible.” These initiatives imply that there must be a significant consumer base to whom these eco-labeled products should be marketed. However, there is no definitive answer as to what portion of the population is interested in eco-labeled products, and it is equally unclear how to best reach these sustainability-minded consumers.

Our Analysis:
J. Gowdy Consulting was hired to conduct research and create a report that both identified consumer segments by their propensity to purchase eco-labeled products and also proposed specific ways to identify and reach these segments in order to target the messaging of specific Lexmark eco-labeled products.

J. Gowdy Consulting compiled results from five different leading market research surveys that segmented consumers based on their awareness, understanding, and willingness to buy eco-labeled products. We then analyzed the information gleaned from these surveys to report on five sustainability-related marketing topics:
  • Summary of how to segment consumers by different characteristics in relation to their concern for the environment and eco-labeled products, knowledge and awareness of eco-labeled products, and propensity to purchase eco-labeled products.
  • Number of sustainability-minded consumers in the American market and the number of consumers willing to pay a premium for eco-labeled electronics.
  • Key characteristics used to identify sustainability-minded consumers.
  • Product aspects that are important to sustainability-minded consumers.
  • Recommendations on how to best reach the target segment of consumers.

Our Results:
Our final report was utilized by Lexmark to identify target market segments, create consumer messaging content, and assist in new product development.



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