Benchmarking Competitive analysis of your company versus select group of companies on one or more metrics Applied the BrandLogic Sustainability Leaders scoring assessment (Reputation v. Performance) to Fortune 300 company
Feasibility Studies Conduct top-line review of potential projects to determine financial costs and environmental/social impact improvements Conducted LEED feasibility study for an existing building for major American entertainment facility
Baseline Research and establish a current state assessment for one or more metrics Determined the baseline year energy use and emissions for an NFL team
Goal Setting Assist/lead the creation of financial, environmental, social impact goals for short, mid, and long term Set environmental and financial goals across multiple hotel properties for major US hotel brand
Business Case Development Assess the financial opportunity for a product, service, project, or company Assessed the opportunity and viability for an organic, fair-trade product line for start-up food & beverage company
Value Chain Mapping Construct a company or product level value chain to determine major financial, environmental and social impacts Created value chain map for four consumer products sold by Fortune 100 company
Supplier Scorecards Develop a metric-based scorecard to translate environmental and social risk of suppliers into the cost comparison for purchase decision Visited Chinese supply chain for Fortune 500 company and created risk-based supplier selection scorecard
Shared Value Partnerships Assess the brand and value alignment of external organizations and generate an overall score for partnership value Scored and helped select eNGO partners for a sustainability program for a Fortune 300 company
Pricing Strategies Create comparative pricing strategy options for products/services based on market conditions Led pricing of software services for environmental consulting firm based in US
Consumer Segmentation Research and construct a consumer segments based on your company's market(s) Created green consumer segmentation for Fortune 1000 consumer product company
Custom Projects Many of our projects are customized to meet client specific needs Please inquire to
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