Program Audits Conduct third-party review of programs to identify issues/gaps, to assess company findings Led waste recycling review of multiple facilities for large entertainment & hospitality company
Company/Project Report Cards Apply JGowdy Sustainability Report Card to develop high level company/program/product assessments Assessed major transportation company's environmental performance with JGowdy Scorecard
Data Assurance Conduct third-party deep dive review of program-level data Constructed the data assurance process for a Fortune 300 company's sustainability program
Customer Survey Responses Write or review responses for Customer Sustainability Surveys Created the structure and process for optimal survey response for Fortune 300 company
Workshops Design and conduct workshops to achieve team-based outcomes Led multiple Workshops on strategy, communications, reporting, and other topics for various size companies
Employee Engagement Research and design employee engagement programs that promote engagement and program buy-in Developed the framework for an environmental employee engagement program at a Fortune 300 company
Net Benefit Analysis Construct company-specific analysis to determine the net impact of a product across its value chain Led the analysis for a building product for major building products company in US
Product Stewardship Construct system for tracking products, ideas for increased product capture, and cost/benefit analysis of secondary use markets Co-managed a Fortune 300 company program for product capture and reuse
Compensation/ Incentives Program Construct and devise programs to provide rewards for annual and/or project-based reviews Developed compensation and bonus program for small communications company
Zero Waste to Landfill Research and create options for Best Practices, Innovations to implement to reach 100% waste recycling and reuse Led research and option development for Best Practices and Innovation Options for Fortune 300 company
Custom Projects Many of our projects are customized to meet client specific needs Please inquire to
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