Oil Spills, Jack Johnson, The Elephant in the Room

June 1, 2010

Today is June 1st. The first day after the Memorial Day weekend and the unofficial first day of summer. It's hot and sticky here in Nashville, which leaves me wanting something cool and crisp. Luckily for me, and for the thousands of other Jack Johnson junkies out there, today also marks the release of Jack's fifth studio album. It's called To The Sea and is a tribute to his father, Jeff, who passed away this past year. It is cool and crisp, just like jumping into the sea on a hot June day like this.

To The Sea. It's the direction of where a lot of my thoughts, and probably a lot of yours, have been going recently. One cannot turn on the TV or read the newspaper without being reminded of the debacle going on in the Gulf of Mexico. BP. TransOcean. Halliburton. Oil everywhere. Ill fated fixes everywhere. Blame everywhere.

It is such a shame to watch. It's their fault. No, it's those who are at fault. No, it's them. It's enough to make you want to turn it all off and retreat. I have been retreating to music. Quite often to Jack Johnson. Surfer, musician, and poet. Much of his music is centered on the themes of the environment, our modern ways, and the resulting things we are doing to the Earth. That we are all doing. It's at the heart of many of his tunes. The Big, Nasty, Hairy Elephant in the room. The one that very few of us seem to want to admit or address. Our collective hand in the cookie jar. Our consumption patterns.

I find myself listening quite frequently to Jack's song "Cookie Jar" from his album "On and On":

"It was you it was me it was every man
We've all got the blood on our hands
We only receive what we demand
And if we want hell then hells what well have
And I would turn on the TV
But it's so embarrassing
To see all the other people
I don't even know what they mean

And it was magic at first
But let everyone down
And now this world is gonna hurt
You better turn it around
Turn it around"

-- Jack Johnson

To find out what Jack is doing to turn it around, please visit his site: http://jackjohnsonmusic.com/greening




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